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Naturopathy & massages

Naturopathie, jeûne, massages, ventouses


Meet Amelia

Who am I ?

Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine

Lover of nature and its benefits since my youngest age. I seek contact with the earth, its power, its beauty, its energies of healing and benevolence.


Graphic designer by profession, I spent my time in nature to observe it and look at its wonderful shapes, colors, contrasts, designs, structures, etc... This was for me a great source of inspiration in my work.  

Subsequently, I decided to do a training in herbal medicine and aromatherapy and that's when my real passion appeared.


I studied at the EPSN, school of naturopathy in Lausanne, Switzerland in order to get closer to this field and thus be able to accompany you and share my knowledge during private consultations, or even under my supervision during fasting stays (at Interlude Bien-être in Switzerland or at Zaia Ibiza in Spain). Currently I am preparing for the Swiss Federal Diploma of Naturopathy in Traditional European Medicine (Orta MA).


With an eternal positivism and an unshakable faith in nature and its forces, I am convinced that naturopathy is an effective method to help the body regain its health. The practice of a healthy lifestyle is fundamental.

I am happy to accompany you in this beautiful adventure of (re)connecting to the forces of nature and in our capacities.

As Pablo Neruda (Chilean poet) used to say
"They will be able to cut all the flowers but they will never prevent spring"

Naturopathy supports this life force which is inside us and which allows the return to health.

Why Naturopathy



Naturopathy is a health practice that supports and promotes the body's self-healing mechanism. It uses different natural therapies such as: nutrition, phytotherapy (aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, fresh plants, etc.), homeopathy, manual techniques (massages, palmistry, lymphatic drainage, etc.), hydrotherapy, fasting, breathing (cardiac coherence, Jacquier bowl of air, etc.), reflex techniques (plantar, palmar reflexology, etc.), magnetotherapy, physical exercise and other techniques in accordance with its principles. These 5 pillars are vitalism (it is the vital energy that allows self-healing), holism (we take into account the person as a whole), causalism (we will look for the cause of the symptoms), humorism (we work in the field or a person's moods) and hygiene (we adapt the lifestyle). I apply all these principles when I accompany you and I develop and offer you personalized lifestyle plans and support you for a good long-term health.


ASCA and RME approved, I am reimbursed by most complementary insurances as a naturopath.


First consultation


Follow-up consultation






* Une thérapeute bienveillante et à l'écoute de la personne.

Elle m'a beaucoup aidé par sa douceur et son professionnalisme, je vous la conseille ! *



* Une naturopathe passionnée, éclairée dans son domaine, claire dans ses explications, et très à l'écoute.

Elle fait aussi de très bons massages :-)! *



* Magnifique expérience de jeûne et marche douce, entourée et soutenue par des professionnels,

dans un cadre idyllique et zen....  Je recommande*



* Je suis reconnaissante d'avoir eu la chance de participer à une semaine de jeûne à Ibiza avec Amélie Nicolet et Benjamin Lotin. Un excellent soutien professionnel, de merveilleuses discussions sur la nutrition et la santé et surtout ils partagent leur grand esprit et leur amour pour ce qu'ils offrent et vivent *

Prabha Kerstin


* Amazing experience in Ibiza, would highly recommend. Can't wait to do it again!! *


Courses and training

  • Naturopathic Diploma in Traditional European Medicine ( EPSN, Lausanne)

  • In progress for the Swiss Federal Diploma of Naturopath MTE ( OrTra Ma, Bern)

  • Training of HPC2 by Mika Denissot (Soul In A Mind - In progress)

  • Basic training "accompanying seriously ill people" ( Palliative Vaud, Lausanne)

  • Certificate of Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy ( Heilpraktiker Institut, Barcelona)

  • Oriental massage certificate ( Heilpraktiker Institut, Barcelona)

  • Certificates of Reiki Usui Level I, II, III ( CEFR, Geneva)


Merci de vous être abonné !

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